Dartsmate Chalkie Plus MK2 Scorer with Leg & Set Displays

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  • Displays scores, legs (99) and sets. (9)
  • Per dart and per throw averages. 
  • Practice checkout mode. 
  • Solo play mode. 
  • 20mm (0.8") displays. 
  • Accepts all games to 1001.
  • Recall last 40 scores.
  • Disallows invalid entries.
  •  Disallows invalid checkouts. 
  • Error correction of last score.
  • Player indicator led. 
  • Add scores dart by dart feature.
  • Can be wall mounted or hand held.

Dimensions (H/W/D)
120mm. / 230mm. / 20mm.

Display sizes
20.8 mm./ 14mm.

320 grammes.

Power Supply
5V 1200mA dc Regulated. Mini USB connector type. 

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